European Furniture Stores in USA

Flamant Home Interiors. Copper Strawberry, partner store of Flamant, a much sought after European furnishing brand –

Shipping sought after luxury European furnishings, bed linen, toiletries and sundries to clients worldwide. Below is one example of Flamant furnishings and decor as seen in the Dubai Mall, which opened 2014.  Copper Strawberry imports this fine European furniture store in USA since 2009.


Flamant-2   Flamant Dubai. Opened February 2014                              Photo by FRANCIS JOHN CONTRERAS


Pieces in Dubai store at Copper Strawberry:

Flamant Display Cabinet Musea Iron Set/3 Flamant Manhattan buffalo leather trunks Flamant Bingham Clock, Flamant Balasse Chandelier, and Flamant Briar Console in weathered oak.           Copper Strawberry, importing Flamant to the USA.             Photo by FRANCIS JOHN CONTRERAS

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